I’m tackling some more challenges this year including a way to introduce myself beyond LinkedIn.

I’m experimenting with a ‘Work in Progress’ approach over at GitHub Pages. There’s a lengthier explanation/ introduction but simply it’s about:

  • Sharing
  • Documenting
  • Writing
  • Learning
  • Finding potential collaborators

(Version 0.2 of this page will have an RSS feed to show recent posts over there along with some other tweaks but in the interim feel free to visit and/or get in touch at kevan(at)the10x(dot)com or LinkedIn)


Originally inspired by some of the amazing people I have worked with, the10x has been a collective, a consultancy and an incubator.

Right now it’s a holding page for me while I carry on figuring out the parts needed to move toward being exponentially better. (The bicycle makes anyone 3-4x faster using 5x less energy and with very little impact on space, energy or time so that seemed like a reasonable image of progress…)

I’m a Senior Product Manager/Owner and Head of Product with over 10 years of developing innovative and successful online products and services in Financial Services, Payments and Mobile.

I have a proven track record in driving digital business strategies, delivering cutting-edge product design, and onboarding cross-functional teams. I’m skilled in project management, agile methodology, analytics, and strategy execution, with a demonstrated ability to lead initiatives from prototype to launch. I’m highly experienced leading teams in product design, development, launch, and post-launch optimization.

I am passionate about creating, building and delivering great products – especially in Banking, Payments and Fintech.

For the past two years I have been helping build the Product Capability/ Community as well as leading teams on large Product design and delivery projects for companies including Tier 1 Global Banks, Building Societies and Insurers.

Some journey waypoints

Banking & Payments
Managed multiple projects across Product and Transformations delivering value at speed and scale for clients such as above.
Fintech/ Insurtech
Delivered working prototype of functional mobile transactional bank account and multi-tenant Banking-as-a-Service.
Banking & Payments
3-year strategy, plan and operating model for an African bank with complete overhaul of product inside costless growth.
Banking & Insurance
Re-engineered and trained Product Development and Onboarding processes reducing Risk and increasing efficiency.
Rapid Prototyped Payments Testing, Analysis and POC blockchain, Fintech engagement and
multifactor authentication.
Incubator/ Payments
All Product delivery for multi factor authentication product in 35 countries plus payments and other advisory.
Social/ Payments
As COO transitioned advertising-based platform and launched mobile payments with 5m+ subscribers.
Health/ Innovation
Consulting project to build disruptive innovation team.
Travel & Finance
Building international frequent traveller products